Consumer Safety Comes First

Attorneys at Gillis & Bikofsky are part of a 50,000-member legal organization with critical access to detailed, current information on defective product recalls and on consumer safety lawsuits nationwide.

Obtaining Fair Compensation for Victims
of Defective and Dangerous Products Since 1988

The law says that consumer safety shouldn’t take a backseat to corporate profits. It says that designers and manufacturers have an obligation to make the things they create safe for the people intended to use them. It says that they need to adequately instruct people on how to use the product safely and to warn them of known or foreseeable dangers.

The law is right.

As a firm, we handle all types of product liability claims and represent both consumers and workplace injury victims in the Boston area and eastern Massachusetts. An abbreviated list of defective products our consumer safety practice involves includes:

  • Home appliances
  • Guns
  • Automobile tires and other components
  • Cars, trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles
  • Household chemicals
  • Lead paint
  • Children’s toys, clothing and furniture
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical drugs

Preserving the Product is Key

The number one piece of advice our firm would give to anyone who feels they might have a product liability claim is this: Take immediate steps to preserve the product in whatever condition it exists. Without it, the chances of prevailing on your claim are nil. Our attorneys act quickly to investigate product-related accidents and to document and preserve the evidence needed to achieve successful results.

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