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Medical Malpractice

An 86 year old man suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the local hospital. After a 10 day stay, when he was about to be released, he was transferred to a different section of the hospital where he was awaiting release. On his last day, the nurse, who mistook a hanging “g” from the line above for a “0” prescribed 300 mg of a medication for the patient instead of 30mg. The patient subsequently died from the overdose.

The case was handled and settled by G&B attorney Michael Gillis. As a condition of the settlement, the hospital agreed to install new software so that this medication error could not occur again. Specifically, were this prescription written today, the computer software at the hospital pharmacy would alert the pharmacist that this medication was not to be prescribed in this dosage. Additionally, the forms at the hospital were changed, with more space between lines, so letters could not hang down and be mistaken on other lines. Additionally protocol was changed at the hospital so that two pharmacists now have to sign off on these types of medications.

A child was born with multiple medical conditions, not the least of which was an eye injury that required immediate cataract surgery at just three weeks of age. The doctor doing the surgery also conducted all the follow up treatment for the eye injury which included the placing and removal of contact lenses. The doctor’s failures in prescribing hard lenses and leaving them in for longer than was prudent resulted in a deprivation of oxygen to the baby’s eyes causing them to “fog over” This failure caused permanent blurred vision. The case was settled for a confidential amount. The case was handled by G&B attorney Michael Gillis.

Failure to Diagnose Sarcoidosis: Confidential settlement for Estate of 47 year old man against his insurance for failure to diagnose sarcoidosis which caused or contributed to a fatal episode of cardiac arrest.  This case was settled by David R. Bikofsky.

Tainted Blood Product: confidential settlement against major pharmaceutical manufacturer contracted “Hepatitis C” from the use of defective blood product which she required to treat a blood disease. Her husband and daughter were also settled.  This case was handled by David R. Bikofsky.

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