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Volkswagen: Will Employee Amnesty Help Understand What Happened?

Volkswagen is trying to get to the bottom of its emissions-cheating scandal. To achieve this goal, it recently announced an amnesty program for employee informants. Amnesty will expire at the end of November. The company has yet to explain publicly who was responsible for installing ...

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Road Trip: The Undoing of Volkswagen

  Volkswagen’s scandal was discovered in the most American of ways: the good old fashioned college road trip. In the spring of 2014, researchers from West Virginia, two professors and two students, were evaluating the tailpipe emissions of diesel cars made for the American market by European manufacturers, something never before studied in the academic realm. What ...

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Volkswagen: Just When you Think you had Seen it All

Just when you think that you had seen it all in the automobile business, Volkswagen makes you wonder if there will ever be a level below which manufacturers will not go in order to sell cars. The world's top-selling car maker recently made headline news when it ...

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